Abundant Life Living

by Steve Robinson-Worley

The Lord showed me in a 'DREAM' a few years back: WE all live, like fish, turtles, frogs, the deer, beaver, & the numerous Fly's who flutter above the surface, landing briefly to sip water, in & around a huge pond! Like an old abandoned pond in the middle of a wood, grasses and cattails grown up to it's calm borders. All is at peace in the calm of the still water. then, a young caring less Lad comes walking through that old wood. Upon seeing the still pond; {Not thinking, or, caring how his lone actions would permanently affect, and change so many other 'lives' of the creatures living in, on, and around that wooded pond; He picks up a big rock! Swinging back, he throws that rock into the middle of that still pond. As it lands, making a huge kerr~ splash, the deer and beaver, frightened by the strange noise, run and hide in the brush, peeking fearfully through the weeds to try to understand what that noise was from. As the rock makes waves & ripples, as it sinks to the bottom of that abandoned pond, muddy silt begins to waft up and out, turning the calm water into mud!

The turtles & frogs flee, attempting to get away from the mess that splashes mud on their backs and faces. the fish, living in the former calm, clear, water, now attempt to flee the approaching muddy, silt filled water as it surrounds them. They begin struggling to breath, as the muddy silt fills their gills, as they gasp for life giving air in the water. The LAD, quickly bored, and uncaring, dances on thru that old wood. As the muddy water splashes in ripples over the tall grass and cattails that once were clean and succulent for the deer to eat, now is bent over, dirty with the mud. Gradually, the pond appears to settle back to normal. But, in reality, the living creatures will never forget that strange and frightful event, which they'd never before experienced. Though they finally go back to 'LIFE' as each was created to live, they are forever changed! They can never go back to the 'innocence' of that frightful event.

GOD created man to live in a GARDEN experience. One of JOY, PEACE, CONTENTMENT, STRENGTH, & UNITY. After the 'FALL' man lost their CALM JOY. But JESUS said: "I HAVE COME THAT YOU MAY HAVE LIFE AND LIFE ABUNDANT." What is that 'ABUNDANCE' he spoke of? Joy~PEACE~CONTENTMENT~STRENGTH~UNITY. But even though HE has promised such Abundant Living; FEW BELIEVERS find that Abundance! You ask, WAY?

Because, after experiencing Salvation, they do not progress onward, applying the very tools, which the LORD GAVE, so we MIGHT have that Abundant Living! Instead, they remain in their inner brokenness. WHY? Well, they choose to be lazy. The Bible declares that LUCIFER/SATAN/DEVIL, comes to seek out whom he can destroy and kill. sadly, too many of those, who 'SAY' they believe in Jesus, continue to make the CHOICE OF DESTRUCTION: They CHOOSE to walk in Bitterness~Fault finding~unforgiveness~strife~division~judgement~speaking evil in mockery & scoffing of all good and those attempting to walk in the gift of Abundant Living. Thus: they become careless as the LAD in that old wood. And consequently, everyone around them begin to suffer in sadness, broken relationships, fear <> Of the next hate filled outburst. Until, those who are around, grow weary, and worn of the constant upheaval that is constantly hitting them with filth and mud; finally flee. Just to have peace. The Bible calls those who choose to live and walk in such are called by different names; In one place, they are called "SWINE who will turn & rend you, if you attempt to give them the PEARL of LIFE." Jesus also called them, "....Snakes & Vipers". in another place, they are called; "The CARNAL ONES" ......... But in every case and circumstance,

Jesus declared unto them, saying; "Come unto me and I will give you rest." What is that 'rest'. It can't be meaning SALVATION alone. For, sadly, many Christians spend their lives as CARNAL. yet they receive ETERNAL LIFE, but w/o any crown. RATHER: That 'REST' comes when one makes the choice to STOP walking in bitterness~Unforgiveness~Strife~Hate~Mocking & Scoffing~Anger that consumes~faultfinding. AND then, choose to live with the literal tools which Jesus says brings that 'REST'. Sometimes, one must, if one truly wants and strives to live in quiet close relationship with JESUS, to do as JESUS once said; "LET THE DEAD BURY THE DEAD..." In other words, when you find yourself in the midst of those who literally choose to walk in all the ways which JESUS taught would rob a Believer of that 'ABUNDANT LIFE'; Then one must separate from those who have chosen to make hatred~Strife~Arguing~Fault finding~Unforgiveness~Division~Mocking & Scoffing their chosen "WAY OF DEATH"......For, not only, does the Bible warn that such ways of living separate a person from the tender live and strength giving which the 'Spirit of the LORD' "YAHWEH" wishes to gift unto the Believer's: But it has now been repeatedly, medically proven, that when a person chooses the negative ways listed, they open their bodies up to literal illness and sooner deaths with pain filled shorter life spans. In fact, in one lab work up, the brains of two long known persons were dissected in many thin slivers. One had lived a long life in bitterness~faultfinding~unforgiveness~hatred~strife.

The other was known to have lived a long life in peace~faith~love~forgiveness~kindness~unity. When the Lab Scientists examined each brain, the evidence was shocking. The Brain of the wicked person, was shriveled. What had been the Synapsys were knarled and black. While when the other was examined; The brain was still full, plump, and healthy looking. The Synapsys were strong, even appearing as healthy green trees.

LIFE LIVING IS A DAILY SET OF CHOICES. How does one want to be remembered? Does one choose to remain in and among hate~mocking~scoffing~harsh words~strife~fear of the next scene? (OR) Does the Christian awaken one day to the reality, that if they want to walk in Jesus' ABUNDANT LIVING' Then they must make the hard choices to separate from those who repeatedly have shown they are become so hardened in mind~soul~spirit, that no one but themselves are of concern to them. Repeatedly, Jesus declared that following HIM would require hard choices.