Ministries in Association operate under their own Group Tax Exemption 501C3.
The requirements for becoming an ASSOCIATE IN MINISTRY (AIM) with Healing of the Nations Ministry are listed below.
The applicant (and the ministry making application) is reminded that Healing of the Nations Ministry is trans-denominational.
We believe our basic purpose is "Unity, In Christ, Through The Holy Spirit." Any person or ministry wanting to be listed as an ASSOCIATE is expected to maintain a connection with Healing of the Nations Ministry and be accountable to Healing of the Nations Ministry.
Connection is determined by the ASSOCIATES communicating regularly with our ministry and generally promoting unity in the Body of Christ.
Accountability includes (but is not limited to), the maintenance of a "ministry profile" that honors Christ, and doctrinal statements true to the basic tenets of the historic Christian faith.
Any person or ministry seeking to become an ASSOCIATE must make formal application to the Healing of the Nations Ministry Board.
The applicant will be notified by email as to the decision of the board.
Failure to comply with any of the requirements concerning connection or accountability can result in the revocation of the ministry's (or person's) ASSOCIATION with Healing of the Nations Ministry by the executive board.
The record of such will be in the files of the international office.